A new hope for Nigerian students
A new hope for Nigerian students



Nigerian students have been given a new hope of going back to school very soon.

The closure of schools which took the whole student unaware was a preventive measure used against Covid_19 to help safeguard the students against the virus which has threatened the lives of not just Nigerians but the world at large.


However, on the 22nd of August 2020 being Saturday, the minister of State for Education, Hon Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba openly said that tertiary institutions across the country will be reopening very soon.


For the past 5-months Nigerian students have remained at home and as a result of that a lot of students have given up on going back to school so, this is a note to all Nigerian students to go back and pick up their notes and start refreshing their brains.

This is because, soon as school resumes little or no time will be given to students to prepare for their next exams.

Also, all final students are to also get their minds ready to get real busy when school resumes.


Aside the unsettled issue between the Federal government and ASUU, from the look of things it seems the power to fix a date for resumption is now placed in the hands of the state government therefore, whenever the state government feels it save for students to return to school, a date shall be fix for the schools to resume in such state. Most states already fixed a date.


However, both the Federal and state government of Nigeria has assured Nigerian students so, let’s hold on to that hope and trust God to do the rest.

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