This is me,

Standing on this same spot,

With owlish eyes,

Navigating all cardinal points of the earth.

Still, I’m stuck in the midst of my misses,

Then I discovered I was uncovered and displaced.


This is me,

Searching for a different spot,

Scrutinizing all cardinal points of the earth,

Hmm, disappointed.

So, I made excuses for all my misses.

Right then; I was shot in the face,

To stop searching for things unless misplaced.


Hey! I am still here,

Fighting for a new spot,

Yet, they said it isn’t decent to,

But I do know I am no saint.

I really need to make out sense else I go insane.

All these pressures are totally now out of measure.


So, this is me.

I do not think I’ve changed much,

And I am quite tired of changing spots too.

More confused than ever with no direction.

Maybe I’m a bunch of a beautiful mess.

I no longer need excuses for my misses if I’m the misery.


    Here I go again,

Am I the problem?

Or do I need to make some new spots?

Do I blame nature for these tortures?

For a fact,

I shouldn’t be displaced if I had a space.


(With a deep breathe); this is me!

The spots are not the problem neither am I.

No more changing of spots and mindless navigations.

I will take my baton and race on my lane.

With more possibilities, Faith and disciplined truth.

I will no longer let spots of procrastination, fear and pain mess me up again.


(Smiling); now this is me!

No longer displaced and uncovered.

I’ve found my space.

Now I’m covered with believe and self-acceptance.

Misinterpretation causes misunderstanding and hinders true understanding.

No wonder I was searching for a spot,

Instead of occupying my space.

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