Why; This is a question we consciously or subconsciously ask ourselves every single day. Due to how frequent this question comes, we most times do not get an answer and since each day comes with its own questions we, care less all the more. I know that saying, “there are some questions that can never be answered” and I am sure you do too. But with the way things are going, almost all vital questions are becoming unanswerable. So we are left with why? Why? Why? And this is gradually becoming a global daily anthem.

Look around you and you will see situations/conditions that need to be questioned but since everyone knows nobody would provide an answer, we immediately become blind to those questions. Nothing again has a voice in our country; not the religion, tradition, constitution, not even morality, Government or the law. It is now what it is to you that govern you. So here is another question for you; what are the kids and teens expected to do? Which rules are they to follow? Today isn’t over yet but they are already denied the opportunity to hope for tomorrow. Why?


Go to the hospital and you will find out that there are lots of children diagnosed for chronic diseases/sicknesses. Why is a child of three years having kidney failure? Of course the doctors would always have something to say but this child just started living. That aside, why are there illnesses with no cure? I thought they said “every problem has a solution.”

I also know of a woman with about ten children and if she decides to give birth to another, she can. This is my question; why does some family give birth to more children than they want while others cry for just a child? This particular issue is dividing families and causing disaster more than corruption itself. Still the society can only feel your pain from afar and console you for a short while. However, you get to bear your cross for however long it tarries.

Now, our educational system supports brain drainage and depression. The youths are no longer moved by “we are the leaders of tomorrow” as everyone is working hard to survive but what is the school system doing? A student sits for jamb and post UTME and passes but is denied admission because of his/her state of origin, religion, etc. And another writes an exam and was marked down for reasons that cannot be justified. Yet, another born with silver spoon does nothing and goes home with a first class at the end. I don’t agree with those who say, ‘school na scam’ but ‘if you see wetin dem see, you no go blame dem wey talk say “school na scam.”


Sometimes, I also feel that we do know what to do. What we are scared of is taking responsibility when things go wrong. So instead of doing anything, we just wait and watch, comforting ourselves with; tomorrow is another day. For a long time, we have been waiting for our economic system to stabilize. We have been waiting for the fuel price to fall back to N45 per liter, we have been hoping that the Naira would exchange a dollar for N150 or less, we have been anticipating a sachet water to fall back to N5. Funny enough, deep within us, we all know we are dreaming. But why? Why can’t this dream come true? A lot have given up, surprisingly a lot more are still hopeful. The fact is that we are citizens, not by choice but by birth; and no matter where we run to we will always be strangers there.

We often have troubling questions that needs attention however, we are often still not disappointed when we get no answer or convincing answer because we are gradually learning to live with unanswered questions as though they are answered and some other times, we create imaginary answers or excuses for them and life goes on.

Although, I still do not know the answer to a lot of questions bothering me, but I do know that I will not suffer for crimes I did not commit.

So, I guess sometimes, we just have to leave the WHY as WHY.

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