Go back home Nigerian!!!
Go back home Nigerian!!!



(See the connection between “go back home Nigerians” of 1969 and “Ghana must go” of 1983. The ugly event seemed similar, the only difference was that no bag was tagged Nigeria must go bag in connection to the Ghana must go bag.)


Nigeria got her independence on the 1st of October 1960 few years after oil was discovered in Nigeria in commercial quantity.

They were known for their agricultural production. There is something Nigeria is known. This thing  is her strength and also one of her problems and it is; population. Nigeria is one of the most populated African countries and she is known for their great strength to work and survive no matter what the condition is.



Some Nigerian’s moved to other countries especially to close African countries like Ghana just to survive and earn a living.

Most Nigerian’s in Ghana worked their bodies and strength out just to survive and live more comfortably and as time went on, their hard work paid off and they began to own big businesses and enterprises.

Although Ghana was not so well to do yet, Nigerian traders managed to own almost everything still, they traded on fair prices. Nigerians kept on increasing in population and kept on dominating there.

Gradually, the Ghanaian’s became threatened and despite the intermarriage between the Ghanaian’s and Nigerians it could not secure a friendly relationship and coexistence between the Ghanaian’s and the Nigerians.


1969 was the peak of it all. The then Ghanaian prime minister made a decision and took a very drastic move.

He instituted the Alien Compliance Order with this, he deported close to 2.5 million African migrants of which majority were Nigerians. Nigerians lost their jobs, families, homes, money, livelihood and some never recovered even till date.

All that the Nigerians could hear were chants of: Go home! Go home!! Go home Nigerians!!! Nigerians in Ghana fled for their lives. They were stuck at the Aflao (Togo) boarder and a lot lost their lives there.


The few Nigerians that returned came back home empty handed and started life all over while some died of heart attack.

The ugly thing about war fought by our fathers is that when the consequences of it hits back, the innocents children get to carry the cross and if not rightly crucified, it is capable of living from generation to generation.

This is why Ghanaian’s especially believes that what happened in 1983 was a payback time for Nigerians. See what happened.

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