Nigeria and Ghana current crisis
Nigeria and Ghana current crisis; Trade war.




Concerning what has being happening in Nigeria and Ghana, I would not want to blame time for playing tricks on us; we did no see this coming. Aside the little neglect-able competition that existed between the Nigerians and the Ghanaian’s, they still managed to live among themselves however, what happened on November 2019 took Nigerians unawares.

The association of traders in Ghana began to shut down the shops and business of Nigeria traders in Nigeria and by 11th of November 2019 the officials already shutdown about 70 shops owned by Nigerians in Accra Ghana.

Due to how the officials of Ghana moved from one location to the other shutting down Nigerian owned shops, the president of the Nigeria union of traders association in Ghana (NUTAG)  Chukwuemeka Nnaji,  then encouraged Nigerian traders to close down their shops and businesses to prevent their goods from being destroyed in the process by the Ghana officials.



The alleged reason behind this is that the Ghanaian’s claimed that foreign traders broke the section 27 of the Ghana investment promotion center (GIPC) Act 865, which stipulated that “the sale of goods or provision of services in a market, petty trading or hawking or selling of goods in a stall at a placed must be reserved only for Ghanaian citizens.”

However a lot believed that there was more to this as conviction on that fact that their actions were influenced by the decision made by the Nigerian government around that period to close down all boarders for exporting and importing holds more ground.


Also the president of the Ghanaian union of traders association (GUTA) Obeng stressed that the Nigerian government broke the ECOWAS treaties which permitted free movement of goods and people amongst the West African states and since the ECOWAS protocols could not do this he said they were ineffective.

GUTA went further to express their pain over the boarder closure and how over 100 trucks of Ghanaian goods were locked up in Nigeria boarder.

So, they could not stand seeing the Nigerians in Ghana still in business; trading while their goods were being locked up so, they had to lock-down the shops in Ghana hopefully, to get back at Nigerian government.



 Putting a hold on all odds, Nigeria finally reopened her boarder.


the resident of the Nigerian high Comission was burnt in Accra Ghana
the resident of the Nigerian high Commission was burnt in Accra Ghana.

However, on the 19th of June something alarming happened. The residential building of the Nigerian High commission in Accra was destroyed and brought down with a bulldozer by some Ghanaian armed citizens. This stunned the administration of the current president of Nigeria and also disturbed the peace of the Nigerian citizens in Ghana.  Although the current president of Ghana; Nana Akuffo-Addo expressed regret and promised to investigate the matter and rebuild what was destroy, this incident should be properly looked into and addressed. Yet in all, we are still hoping that ECOWAS would also step in and help address all these issues.

Putting a restriction on the foreigners in Ghana before they can engage in any business also kicks against the 1979 ECOWAS Protocol which advocated for free movement of people and the right of West Africans to trade and resides.

Although Nigerians have being noticing threatening signs for some time now, nobody took it serious. This is another record of a xenophobic attack on Nigerians.

Over 2 million Nigerians are currently residing in Ghana and over 500,000 Ghanaian’s are currently Nigerian. We pray that the war between the Nigerians and the Ghanaian’s get resolved. However, there is no need for the Ghanaian’s residing in Nigeria to live in fear. We are positive of a positive approach towards all these and besides, two wrongs cannot make a right.


The Nigerians in Ghana are the first suspects whenever a crime is committed. For some undoubted reasons, these entire crises seems to be linked to what happened in 1969 & 1983 between the Ghanaian’s and Nigerians and even up to this moment the Ghanaian government kept an anti-immigration and system sentiments. They even have a biding law that forbids migrants from owing some kinds of business and trading’s too and the one sure ground for migrants to run any business is to have up-to $500,000 which about N 193,560,000.00 million and this is in opposition to the 1979 ECOWAS Protocol.

ECOWAS was created for the social-economic betterment and good inter-state relationship amongst the West African countries.


Therefore, the whole citizens of Nigeria calls on her government and on ECOWAS to help solve this problem and save the future of both Nigeria and Ghana and the lives of their innocent citizens too.


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