How i found my peace
How i found my peace


Being a young girl who have barely experienced the different phases of life: a girl, who by age and stature, may not be qualified to discuss some issues that matter to human existence, I still hold my opinions to be valid and worthy of expression because life treats humans whichever way it chooses irrespective of age, sex, race or stature.

This world is chaotic and nobody needs to preach a long sermon about that. A world where we unconsciously find solace in wishes. Regardless of that, everybody needs an enhancer called peace. Peace is known to be a state of tranquility, freedom from any form of disturbance and a state of perfect harmony. This is what peace is believed or expected to be. But we do not live in Disney World or any mystical wonderland.

This is Earth. A planet filled with a lot of authorized and unauthorized actors. A world where everyone gets a lead role to play not minding if they are talented/certified or not, then end up taking different roles of themselves.

In the midst of all these, peace usually becomes a word for the lips, an expensive asset, or a dream future. A word used in making future continuous tenses. Peace has become a thirst we constantly want to quench. Of course, I know it is strange for a young girl like me to speak of peace in such manner but what would you rather have me do since life became totally different from the one I witnessed as a child and imagined in my teens, as I grew up.

While growing up, I had my parents and my siblings with me.  I was never scared of anything, neither was I worried or disturbed about anything significant. I was the Oxford definition of peace. I assumed that every child played, smiled, ate and went to school etc., the way I did. As my innocence got exposed to reality, I realized and hated the fact that some kids could not feed and even had to go hawking just to survive.

I was mad at the Jos crisis that rendered some of my family members, friends and relatives jobless and homeless to a point that they had to start life all over again. I was pissed that death claimed the lives of young families and even children that just wanted to live quietly. I could not understand why justice was quite expensive and un-affordable for the innocent.


Today, the world’s  population is increasing in geometrical progression, students are struggling to further and survive, parents are working to save their own lives and yet,  it seems as though the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.  What is all these?  What kind of comfort, joy, and freedom are we chasing?  What kind of peace are we chasing? Would we ever find it? Maybe we would, but it would always be temporal, wouldn’t it? I do not expect an answer for I have been searching vainly for answers for quite long.

What kind of comfort, success or achievement whispers to our ears “do not relax lest you fall off.”? We work and do not get the due result while others are rewarded for doing nothing. So we comfort ourselves by saying “half bread is better than none,” simply because we just want to have the supposed peace of mind.

Well I know that we just do not want to live, we want to thrive. Peace is not just the absence of war or emotional breakdown else we may not be bearers of peace because we live in a world that fights us. Still in search of a more meaningful definition of peace, I asked a young man, Chinedu, what peace meant to him and he said, “Peace is a kind of war, a trade. You do not just desire it; you invest to get the desired. Peace is not just a state of mind; it is a state of your well-being both within and without.”

After paying attention to his words I recalled my Dad’s words some years ago: “Even though I will not get to my targeted height, I will never stop working and struggling for my children to become greater and lack nothing, for nothing would comfort me, excite me and make me live longer and fulfilled than this.” With his family and in his children he found a trade for peace so, he invested. But little did I realize that I had also embraced this meaning of peace to be mine, as well.

Coming to the realization that this world is a battlefield, my parents fought for my comfort just to comfort themselves. I cannot help but accept that I am also responsible for the Joy (peace) of others. I cannot settle for less and I cannot accept that half bread is better than none. So even in my quest and strivings, I am not broken because there is a seed I’m nurturing and must see grow – Peace.

We all deserve to have peace but this world won’t give it to us. After all, you cannot give out what you do not have.


The world is not balanced that's why we're responsible for each others peace. We need ourselves to make it balance.
The world is not balanced that’s why we’re responsible for each others peace. We need ourselves to make it balance.

Peace is not physical and it is definitely not materialistic. It is an enhancer for me to conquer and to affect lives positively. It is hope and Faith I have in my future. It is a priceless love for, not just me, but everyone that have got a room in my heart. These things encompass what Peace means to me. I know peace is not just an individual yearning. It is a chain-line of honest responsibility. We are all responsible for each other’s peace. Remember, it is a state of our well-being both within (you) and without (others).

Above all, I am a believer in a superior being that promises enough peace to me and so I will surely find this peace in this lifetime.


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